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Its been a while. I’ve been busy.

Usually I post this Crossfit work out information elsewhere, but I thought I would slowly introduce it here as well – there is a link to my other blog on the main page of this blog if you wish to delve deeper into my personal self torture.

Someone described me as psycho today. If the shoe fits! I think I am a wee bit nuts but I am on a mission to get fit. I have been disgusted at my upper body strength for the longest time and I’ve never been super strong/fit. Crossfit is changing that – I absolutely love this form of work out – I need to be disciplined, determined, focused. It is now bleeding over into other things besides crossfit.

This will also help as I begin the interior work on the Argosy – which is sitting quietly at the mechanics – waiting on pieces and parts. Its in really good shape and I got a decent quote to fix some of its bits so soon I will have more to say about that.

Todays WOD (Workout Of Day) was a timed one, but there was no real score – we all did the same thing for the same amount of time – the only variance was in what weight we used for the wall ball and the push press.

Workout of the day

So basically we did one set of these every minute on the minute for 5 minutes. If you finish the two exercises say with in 30 secs, you have 30 secs to rest before you did them again.

In the end I did:

30 wallballs at 14 lbs, 30 box jumps – 1 foot height (I seriously need to get over it and go to a higher box to do these) – in 5 minutes

Rest one minute

50 air squats and 50 sit ups in 5 minutes

Rest one minute

25 push press – 35 lbs and 40 lateral hops (hopping over the bar you just did the push press with) in 5 minutes

Rest 3 minutes

We also did a relay – one person ran with a 20 or 40 lb sandbag 200 meters while the other was put through a drill that consisted of burpees, situps, pushups, mountain climbers and wall sits. When the running partner returned, the other person takes sandbag and runs and the partner does the drill. This went on for about 7-10 minutes.

There were plenty of folks laying on the floor.

Maybe I am psycho but damn I love it.

See my other blog if you’re interested in more about cross fit from my perspective.