Good luck, good wine, good karma.

Mazzaros. How I love you.  Like someone said “I could live here”. Well OK, I won’t go that far but can I have the house across the street please?

I’ll stop dreaming and get to telling ya about what Brett and I got up to last night.  Lots of wine, lots of conversation and lots of food.  Nutella risotto anyone? Oh and the glass making demonstration!

All of this fun and games was to support a local charity. – The Abilities Foundation has helped thousands of Floridians with all types of disabilities obtain jobs and affordable housing, enabling them to contribute to the economic strength of their communities as productive wage-earners and taxpayers.

I like these people! Check them out – help out, contribute. They do good work.

And when they throw a party, they REALLY throw a party!

Part of last nights festivities included a silent auction along with wine tasting.

A picture is worth a thousand (slurred) words…

The left one I won/purchased – silent auction.. the right one I purchased. Everybody is happy! That bottle of wine is really heavy by the way – I’ve never picked up a big bottle of wine like that. Call me a scaredy cat and I would call you right! The proceeds from the silent auction helped Abilities out and I get a wonderful bottle of wine to enjoy…. sometime…Oh and it is signed… I have no idea by who.. That remains a mystery!

The glass art demo was pretty neat too.

Oh, and the food- cheese, meats, egg noodles with white sauce and caviar, nutella risotto and more… the food just kept coming – like this:



Check the links out – Do good. Be good. Get good.