Cruisin’ a week on the open water Part one.

I am lucky. I get to go on cruises. It is something I seriously don’t take for granted. Every single cruise I have been on has been awesome and its own separate experience. This one was was no exception.

We drove down a day early and stayed at this amazing hotel in Pompano Beach called the Beachcomber! Delightful. Check it out!

After a wonderful dinner and a drink, we grabbed some ZZZZ’s , both of us excited about getting on the ship the next morning, and very thankful we didn’t have to make the drive from Tampa to Miami the day we get on board!

The view from our hotel room

The initial boarding process is really quite smooth, at least with Celebrity, no real lines or aggravation – these guys have it down pretty good. It wasn’t long til we were on board exploring our surroundings!

Boarding photo


My favorite find was the tree growing inside.. right in the middle of the ship – just held there! And, it was REAL!  I think that tree and the grass on the top deck are wonderful touches when you think about how much metal is around you!

Tree, suspended.


Eventually we set sail – everyone was out on the pool deck watching the land fade into the distance. Now for the serious stuff. Unpacking, exploring our suite (Yay for surprise upgrade!) and food! Can I just forget about the drill?

I found the grass to be rather comforting;

This is not your typical Florida grass. I love it.

Did I mention that this was this ships first 7 day cruise. New ship, new ship smell. Leather smell in the Wine room, clean, pristine, no sneezing.

I knew this was going to be a wonderful trip.

More tales to follow, including a whirlwind tour of Puerto Rico, a Jeep drive around St. Maarten and zip-lining in St. Kitts.

Did you know that yelling JEEP real loud alerts your passengers to large potholes?

Check back later!