Chef’s table – AKA Brett’s Birthday!

The date: August 31, 2011

The occasion: Brett’s birthday

The place: Don Cesar, Maritana Grill

What do you give a foodie person for their birthday when they have every cooking toy known to man?!  You give them what I think is the ultimate obtainable foodie experience – a chefs table!  What makes it even better is when you are able to have a sommelier at your service, resulting in some fantastic wine pairings.  It really does end up being a fantastic ride for all of the senses.

I will let the pictures tell the story here – with brief descriptions of the food.  As you can imagine, it was a simply wonderful meal – both of us tried something new and both of us left totally in awe of what we had just experienced.


Raw oyster covered in caviar with a “deconstructed” Bloody Mary – in other words… Vodka.  We were supposed to down the oyster in one swallow and the vodka in another.  This was the new thing for both of us – I must admit I probably won’t eat another one, I did enjoy the caviar and the vodka though!

Prawns – these weren’t my favourite, so I gave them all to Brett – I did try one though!  Brett however enjoyed every last bit!

Duck Confit – This was amazing.  I wanted more!  Enough said!

Crab – Delightful!

Brined lemon, marinated in saltwater solution for 5 weeks. This was part of the meal and the chef told us about it. “10 minutes to plate, 5 weeks to make”  That just fascinated me and interested Brett so I wanted to include it in this posting.  It is simply amazing what goes on behind the scenes with chefs and their food!


Herbed goat cheese garlic souffle – I died and went to heaven.  Souffle is one of my favourite things in the world and this was one of the best things I have ever tasted.  Everyone should have this.  Everyone!

hurricane cocktail sorbet – this was a palate cleanser I am sure of it – sadly I didn’t get a good picture of it- so you’ll have to use your imagination based on the pictures you’ve already seen.. as you can imagine.. it was wonderful!!!

Petite fillet with summer veggies sitting on cauliflower puree – this was pure melt in your mouth goodness as well, this picture doesn’t do the food justice – it was plated but wasn’t totally decorated!

Dessert – of course, this is the bit I was waiting to eat! Again, no words except white chocolate egg looking thing.

And that was dinner !


Thanks to Chef Aron for making this happen!