More goodies for the Argosy!

More stuff arrived today! WooHoo!

pots and pans and some more dishes.

IMG_4837IMG_4836I was rather surprised at the weight of the larger pots. I don’t need my ones from my house, these will work perfectly! I won’t be taking all of these – I will end up swapping out a couple of the pans for a non stick pan and one other pan that I like to cook with.

I am still after dinner plates. I found some with really cool designs, but not in the colors that I wanted them in. Oh well. I will keep trying to get what it is I want, which is white. Or grey.

I think a few of the berry bowls will go into Brett’s Argosy which is perfect. I am ok with sharing! They are perfect for nuts, olives etc…


I  also got aluminum measuring spoons and a garlic press – I actually ordered both garlic presses that I found because I am sick to death of replacing my household press due to.. RUST.  No longer. One for my Argosy and one for my house. Perfect.


I love the *feel* of both of these things.

Did I say how much I love Etsy?

Now for dinner plates. This is proving to be difficult.. any suggestions? I am listening.

Check back later for more!