An update

Well, she .. yes, she.. has been at the mechanics – shes coming home with a few new bits and without a generator :( I have to think about what I want to do about that.  In the meantime I have a generator I can put on board as needed so its not something that has to be decided immediately.  Which is a good thing given the prices on the set up I am looking at.

The generator that was in it, is not worth fixing. Any useful pieces will go to Brett’s generator.  Anything to keep it from falling out as we are driving along.  Can we say rot?


Meanwhile I have been carefully picking out the interior stuff like dishes. I have a bunch of stuff ordered thanks to Ebay and Etsy – some really good deals to be had out there. I was amazed at some of the prices, I know this stuff I ordered is used but still, its in really good condition and I KNOW I can’t get it any cheaper new .. So I ended up getting some dishes, serving plates and bowls, silverware and a few kitchen implements.  Very happy with my choices – most is “vintage” and made in the US. I am trying to avoid a motorhome packed full of “Made in China”… Those who know me, know my stance on that phrase!

Hopefully weekend after this I will be able to get my hands dirty and make a start on the interior with Brett! We have plans, great plans! Pictures will tell the story! I like pulling dirty stuff out!

Meanwhile.. back to reading and learning about what it is I’ve gotten myself into and shopping for bits and pieces. I have to have this done before Christmas!